bring your images to life

with professional editing presets from jenn, somewhere

desktop presets...

inspired by travel and adventure, created especially for use in Adobe Lightroom and Camera Raw

mobile presets...

made for editing on the go, designed for images taken on mobile phones

Jenn’s photos are absolute magic! I bought one of her prints taken from a drone over the Mangroves in the Kimberley for my office as a reminder to get back there as soon as I can. The quality is first rate and I get lots of comments from my co-workers!

- Mike

Jenn’s presets really took my editing to the next level. For quick one touch editing they are some of the best around. With a great selection of effects they work on most photos, from beaches to cityscapes. They were also an excellent base for me to learn how to create my own aesthetic with a few simple tweaks; learning what each did by looking at the settings on each preset.

- Kait