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For better or worse, 2020 was the year that forced us to become homebodies and to try and learn to enjoy the “great indoors.” These presets were created especially to work well with artificial lighting, and while they’re perfect for indoor photography, they also work nicely on photos shot outside too.

Different lightbulbs will impact the temperature of the lighting in your photos, so this collection includes 2 presets for scenes lit with warm bulbs, 2 that work well with cool bulbs, and 2 that are more neutral. With these 6 presets you’re sure to find the perfect edit for all of your photos shot indoors!


Inspired by travel and adventure, these presets were designed to work great on a wide variety of images, offering quick and easy one-click edits that will only need a few minor adjustments to make them perfectly yours.

These are the same presets that I use to edit my photos on Instagram @jennsomewhere and here on

The desktop and mobile versions have each been developed to deliver the best results for their respective platforms, desktop presets work best on RAW and high-quality JPEGS, while mobile presets work best for photos taken on your phone and edited using the mobile Lightoom app.

Immediately upon purchasing, you will receive an email containing a download link, which has everything you need to get started, including:

  • your preset files (get ready to make some magic!)
  • a step-by-step installation guide

Tag your edits with #somewherespecialpresets and/or @somewherespecialpresets for a chance to be featured.

Please note, desktop presets will be delivered as .xmp files which are compatible with all versions of Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom CC, and Adobe Camera Raw released after April 2018. It is your responsibility to ensure compatability with your version of Lightroom, please double check before purchasing if you are unsure.

What are Presets?

Presets are a bit like filters for your photos - only much, MUCH better! With one click you can transform your photo into a beautiful work of art, but unlike filters which don't give you much in the way of flexibility, presets let you fine-tune and adjust all the details until everything is juuuuust right.

Officially, presets are a collection of editing adjustments that have been saved into a preset file, allowing you to quickly and easily re-apply the same adjustments to multiple photos, keeping the editing style of those photos consistent and streamlining your workflow.


After completing your purchase you will be given a link to download your new presets along with an installation guide to get you up and running.

Mobile presets will be delivered as .dng files which will need to be transferred to your phone before using with the Adobe Lightroom mobile app. Desktop presets will be delivered as .xmp files which are compatible with all versions of Adobe Lightroom Classic, Adobe Lightroom CC, and Adobe Camera Raw released after April 2018 (previous to this, preset files were .lrtemplate.)

Using Your Presets

When using desktop presets, we recommend that you shoot in RAW format because this will give you the greatest flexibility and range of colours when editing your photos. However, these presets will work great with high quality JPEG files as well. Mobile presets work best for photos taken on your phone, they've been designed specifically with mobile photos in mind and are not the exact same as the desktop version.

Presets are a fantastic way to make bulk adjustments to your photos in just one click, saving you a lot of time and effort with your edits. Different locations, different times of day, even changing the direction that you're pointing the camera will produce variations in each photo that you take. Because every photo is unique, you may find that a few minor final tweaks will be needed to finish off your edit. We suggest fine-tuning the exposure, temperature, contrast, highlights and shadows before exporting your photo from Lightroom.

If you want to do a deeper dive into editing and photography, we recommend checking out some of the in-depth courses available through Skillshare, an online learning platform for the creative and the curious. We've partnered with Skillshare to offer you a free Premium membership trial to check it out! (and commitment-free at that! You can cancel anytime if you decide it's not for you.)

Copyright Protection

All digital products offered either for sale or on a complimentary basis remain the full Intellectual Property of "jenn, somewhere" / Jennifer Simpson and are protected by international copyright law. Downloading of any file from does not grant the user ownership, copyright, or any other intellectual property rights to the file.

Upon purchase of the file, you will be granted a personal use license, which provides non-exclusive and non-transferable access to the file for one end user. Files may not be distributed to a third party or used for any commercial uses. If you would like a commercial use or multi-user license please get in touch to discuss options.

Returns & Exchanges

all digital products are available as an immediate download, and as such are sold as final sale only. No refunds or exchanges will be given. Desktop presets are sold as .xmp files and may not be compatible with older versions of Adobe Lightroom. It is your responsibility to ensure that these presets will work for your installed version of Adobe Lightroom for desktop. Mobile presets are sold as .dng files which you will need to transfer to your phone in order to use with the free Adobe Lightroom App.

each print is made to order, just for you! After printing, each piece is individually inspected for any imperfections in the paper / ink, and then hand-trimmed to final size and prepared for shipment. Because of the special attention each piece receives before it makes it's way to you, refunds or exchanges are not available. If you feel that your print has imperfections or is damaged when it arrives please get in touch with as at to organize a replacement.


If you have any questions please get in touch:

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